Calgary Taekwondo SE classes for adults, kids, families, seniors & special needs students.

Looking to earn your black belt in martial arts and ready to take that first big step? Hydra Martial Arts is a family-friendly Taekwondo arts club that helps people of all ages to train for success!

Whether or not you have previous martial arts experience we’ll find a training schedule that suits you best. Our classes move at a comfortable pace for each student based on their individual goals.

If you already hold a rank in Taekwondo or another martial art you are more than welcome to join us.  Students with previous training are eligible for quicker advancement based on their skills and experience.

We invite you to visit us for a free class to see if Taekwondo is the right fit for you. It’s a great way to get in shape, meet new people, gain confidence and defend yourself effectively in any life-threatening situation.

Hydra's Little Ninjas

The Little Ninjas class is split into two separate programs for ages 3 – 5 (tots) and ages 6 – 8 (kids). Our tots program enjoys many of the same training activities as the kids program with a different ranking system for participation, attentiveness, discipline and respect towards others. 

Adult & Youth

Our Adult and Youth classes empower students to learn and lead with confidenece. Through your journey towards your next belt level you will gain perserverence, self-discipline, dedication and a sense of community.

Hydra Inclusion

Hydra Inclusion is a specialized class created for people with special needs who need a more attentive environment to flourish. General Choi Hong Hi gave Taekwon-Do as his gift to the world, meant for everyone to share. We have a wonderful family environment that includes those that are often left out.

Hydra Home Schoolers

Hydra Homeschoolers is a family orientated class welcoming everyone over the age of 5 years old. Parents and younger siblings are also encouraged to join in the fun! Our Homeschoolers program is designed to foster the core values of Taekwon-do for your children.

My son and daughter love going to class. I find the instructors are very patient and calm which creates a really nice atmosphere for the class. In 4 months my kids have learned so much. I would definitely recommend this class to others. 
Jennifer Yetman

Good family based club, instructors are patient and help you along at your own pace. Have been learning some new things I had no idea I was even able to do. Each class is challenging while not too strict. Definitely worth checking out!

Marcel Rodriguez