Hydra Martial Arts Programs

Adult & Youth Program

Hydra’s Adult and Youth classes are for those 8 and up.

Our Adult and Youth classes empower students to lead and learn with confidence. As you grow towards your next belt you will gain confidence perseverance, self-discipline, dedication, and a sense of community.

Hydra Martial Arts training is based on the ITF (International Taekwondo Federation) curriculum. Here you will learn proper punching and kicking techniques as well as sparring, self-defence, board breaking and Korean fighting terminology.

In self-defence scenarios, we cover when it’s appropriate to stand up to bullies and how to prepare for any life or death situation. Of course the goal of martial arts is to avoid violence wherever possible so be also discuss how to avoid being a victim.

Hydra’s Little Ninjas Program

Hydra’s Little Ninjas program is divided into two classes ages 3* – 4 (Tiny Ninjas) and ages 5 – 8 (Little Ninjas).

Our Little Ninjas & Tiny Ninjas Program focuses on all the same aspects of a regular Taekwondo class but focuses on students interacting with others of the same age group.

Tiny Ninjas students participate in a kids friendly alternative for grading which focuses more on participation, listening and getting along well with others. The older students, Ninjas, do kid friendly belt testings which adds to this basic Taekwondo knowledge and skills.

We also teach basic safety skills to our young students. When is it okay to talk to a stranger? What we should say to strangers that want us to go with them? What do we do when we face bullies?

Students are trained how to be careful and self-aware of all possible dangerous situations.

*Ages 3-4 must attend with a parent on the mat

Hydra Inclusion Program

Hydra Inclusion is a specialized class for people with special needs that need a different environment to flourish.

General Choi Hong Hi gave Taekwondo as his gift to the world for everyone to enjoy. We are home to a fun-loving family atmosphere that includes those that the world often leaves out.

Here at Hydra Taekwondo we have an open-door policy that makes sure no aspiring student is ever turned away.

To inquire about this program please call or set up an appointment to speak with Mr. Hutchison or his staff directly. Our instructors have experience with those that have Downs Syndrome, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Global Developmental Delays, Motor Impairment, and Hearing and Vision Impairment.

If someone can walk into our Dojang we will find a way to teach them!

Hydra Homeschoolers

Our Hydra Homeschoolers class is available whenever a group of 5 or more students signs up at once. We will work with you and your schedule for any Homeschooling sessions.

Homeschool Classes are currently running!


Registration will be on an ongoing monthly basis, running from September to June and sometimes the additional summer months.

This is a family-style class welcoming everyone 5 and up is welcome. where parents and siblings are more than welcome to join in the fun!

Hydra Homeschoolers is designed to foster the core values of Taekwon-do for your children – courtesy, integrity, patience, self-discipline and indomitable spirit – among other like-minded individuals.

Taekwondo is a rich learning experience for both mind and body that will develop your strength, stamina, coordination and endurance.