Hydra Martial Arts Club Rules

1. Bow when entering the dojang (training area)

2. Bow when leaving the dojang (training area)

3. Bow to black belts when first entering the dojang. If there are multiple black belts bow to the senior level black belt.

4. Black belts are addressed as “sir” or “ma’am” or by their last name Mr. or Ms. respectively.

5. No jewelry, rings, or watches worn when training.

6. When class ends during the bow-out process, take three steps back before turning away from the instructor.

7. Do not question the teaching or training methods of the instructor during class. If you have any questions or concerns please see the instructor after class.

8. Show proper respect and etiquette to other classmates at all times.

9. Students are expected to be attentive and quiet during training unless spoken to by the instructor or working with another student.

10. No profanity or inappropriate language.

11. Arrive on time unless you have a valid reason for the delay which should be communicated to the instructor in advance.

12. Taekwon-Do may only be used in 3 situations. During in-class training or tournaments, at home practicing (with proper supervision by the parent if necessary) and in any self-defense situation.